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ourtreehillooc's Journal

Our Tree Hill: Out of Character Community
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It seems you've stumbled upon ourtreehillooc! This community is a part of ourtreehill, a One Tree Hill RolePlaying community.*

Here is where the RPers can post "out of character" posts. These posts include hiatus notices, discussing the show, and possible storyline planning.

One special feature this community will hold for our RPers is a weekly update on what has happened in the RP. This will be brought to you by one of our moderators, Christine (snowflakie06), Joy (shoutsoutloud) or Berry (berrymcgregor).

*If you aren't yet a member of the ourtreehill roleplay, go here and apply as one of the many characters residing in Tree Hill.


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Disclaimer: This is a part of a RP Community on the CW series, One Tree Hill. This community is in no way, shape, or form connected to the show or it's cast members. This is for entertainment purposes only.